Rods uses quality ingredients blended in an optimal process for the ultimate feeding response.  It’s not just our variety of ingredients that make your fish, corals, and other invertebrates go crazy for Rod’s Food, it’s the unique way they’re all blended that generates an intense feeding response from virtually every animal in your reef. Anyone can mix a list of ingredients together, but at Rod’s, we pride ourselves on the unique blending process we’ve developed and perfected over many years to create ideal foods for all your marine critters.


Rod’s Food is made by hand in our U.S. facility, not machine processed overseas.


Rod’s uses only the finest, freshest ingredients. We use whole animals because they provide your marine creatures with the most natural and complete nutrition. The same fresh, high quality seafood delivered to Chicago area’s finest restaurants is also delivered to our U.S. facility every week.


Our process is not simple.  Before processing begins, all ingredients go through an extensive rinsing process to rid them of sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP), a preservative often used even in the freshest seafood. We then use dry ice to maintain the perfect particle size and keep the product temperature below 40 degrees to avoid bacterial growth and preserve freshness. While our fresh seafood is chopped, our Mysis-sized pacific plankton (E. pacifica) and krill (E. superba) are marinated in solutions of super concentrated highly-unsaturated fatty acids (HUFAs), astaxanthin, and beta carotene that will keep your reef and fishes healthy and vibrant. Next come the small particle foods designed for the corals and other small mouths. Our foods aren’t just splashed with these tiny, tasty morsels, but are loaded with a slurry of juicy Rotifers, heaps of copepods, piles of fish eggs, puddles of freshly hatched baby brine, and scoops of mini-pellets. After being gently stirred, our food then goes into our awesome DIY hopper before being measured into zip top bags and then frozen and stored at -30 to -40 degrees until shipping.


 We think that when you pay for food, you should get food! We don’t believe in unnecessary water packing and gel binders. Most users are amazed by how a small amount of Rod’s Food can feed an entire reef. A little goes a long way! Many users have reported decreased mortality with new fish arrivals because they quickly accept Rod’s Food and “settle into” their surroundings much faster. Even mandarins and other difficult feeders readily accept Rod’s Food. Fish breeders have reported quicker spawning behaviors, and even here at our facility, we have witnessed new arrivals spawning within 45 days on several occasions.


Corals love Rod’s Food too.  You no longer have to wait for “lights out” or get up early to see polyp extension on some of those difficult-to-feed LPS corals. Squirt in just a small amount of Rod’s Food as a “pre-feed” stimulant to initiate a feeding response from not only your LPS corals, but your whole reef. You may even notice creatures that you have never seen before come into the open to feast on Rod’s Food. The highly nutritional small particles in Rod’s Food such as oyster eggs, golden pearls, red plankton, and rotifers benefit some of the corals that have been more difficult to care for in the past, including goniopora, dendrophyllia, and gorgonians.


We ship to stores and distributors all over the nation, but if you don’t see our products at your LFS, just ask them! We’re very easy to work with because we understand that local fish stores are an extremely important part of our hobby that needs our support. If your store chooses not to carry our products, Rod’s Food can be found online.


If you haven’t already tried our Original Complete Reef Food that set off a wave of copycat products, then pick up your pack of Rod’s Food today and treat your reef to the high quality foods it deserves.



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