Rods values its dealers and strives to offer superior service and product:


  • Helping and supporting LFS is one of our main goals.
  • We never sell to the end-user.
  • We have MAP pricing.
  • We will sell to larger service companies, but only after sales through a LFS is not possible and then only with additional surcharges.
  • We provide POS material/graphics and brochures for our dealers.

Stores wanting to carry our products can contact us.





Phone: 866-760-Reef (7333)


Phone: 815 748-2141


FAX:   866 480 9342


Contact one of the friendly people at Rod’s food today or complete and submit our New Dealer Form and we will contact you.


If you are already a Rod’s Food dealer, please call or email us for a password to access our Dealer Portal for online ordering.

Our product pushers have arrived!

We have both large and small pushers that will increase sales and keep your freezer more organized by keeping the product standing upright and to the front of the freezer. When a customer pulls a package of Rod’s Food from the freezer, all of the packages behind will be pushed forward. A few pushers can be used to display several products by creating “tabs”. We have made “tabs” by repurposing some plastic that was ready for recycling and put some stickers on them. Cardboard or other materials can work well too. We will provide stickers with each set of pushers.

We will provide 2 pushers for any store with upright freezers and work with stores individually if more are needed. Email, or call us to discuss your needs.


15100 Illinois 23

DeKalb, IL 60115


Phone: 815.748.2141

Fax: 866.480.9342

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