﷯﷯More than 10 years ago Rod’s Food revolutionized the way saltwater aquariums are fed. We now bring our ultra fresh- human grade seafood, and our unique and superior astaxanthin and beta carotene (color enhancers with high antioxidant properties), to the freshwater world. We have a Large-Mouth Blend, and a Small-Mouth Blend. Large-Mouth Blend had big meat eaters like Oscars, Firemouths, Catfish, etc. in mind when it was developed. This product has particles ranging from pea-sized up to ¾ of an inch that will satisfy your fish that have a voracious appetite. Check out our Small-Mouth Blend for community tanks that have fish with smaller mouths. Ingredients: Freshwater Shrimp, Freshwater- Lake Victorian Perch, Crawfish, Krill, Peas(aids in digestion), Astaxanthin, Beta Carotene, Omega fatty acids, and a touch of garlic as an appetite stimulant. Specifications: Maximum moisture content: 80% Minimum protein: 13.92% Minimum fat content: 2.9%, Maximum fiber content: 0.3% Maximum ash content: 1.49% Package Size: 2-oz, 8-oz. packages freshwater LARGE - mouth blend specs:: Feeds primarily meat eaters with larger mouths Contains: Balanced mixture for meat eaters How to feed: Feed daily, preferably twice a day. Thaw in small amount of tank water > stir/mix lightly and pour into aquarium

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