﷯﷯Tentacle Teasers are in many of our blends, but they can also be a fun, tasty treat for the reef that all will scramble to eat. Tentacle Teasers are not meant as a staple diet but as a supplement to other blends. Our Tentacle Teasers Blend is high in protein and omega fatty acids and work well to entice those finicky eaters to eat prepared foods. Ingredients: Fish eggs, Reverse osmosis water. Specifications: Maximum moisture content: 84.4% Minimum protein: 4.43% Minimum fat content: 0.67% Maximum fiber content: <0.2% Maximum ash content: 2.9% Package Size: 2-oz. package FISH EGGS BLEND Specs: Feeds: Nearly every inhabitant of Reef Aquariums Contains: A tasty treat for your entire reef. How to feed: Feed on occasion as a treat or to entice a new arrival. Thaw in small amount of tank water and pour into high flow area.

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